Final cut.

Final cut of my documentary about Mr. Corey Shapiro, founder of the Vintage Frames Company. I have to say, this one was hard to figure out, but I am quite happy with the result. Sure, they’re are always a few things to fix, but based on the footage I had and the goal I was aiming, I doubted a bit of my video at first. The thing with Corey is that he is used to interviews, so it took us a bit more time for him to get loose and not answer my questions like a robot”, and when he did, he gave me some awesome material to work with. As you may have noticed from my other cuts, they were very different.  It’s simply because for this one, I decided to tone it down to the basics and simply have that story about a father and his son, nothing too extravaganza. One problem I faced is the sound of this piece. A few minutes into the interview, this fan noise started in Corey’s office, and when we asked him to wait until it stopped, he told us that it was gonna go on all day. We already had a few mic problems, so this did not help at all. I tried removing as much noise as I could using the denoiser in Audacity and by using room tone to fill the gaps, but it is still very evident. Also, my rendering setting must be wrong at some place, but there are some weird pixels in the video at some points. To me, this piece was an opportunity for me to learn that it’s not always just about the subject. When I managed to get Corey for my doc, I thought all the job was done, that I basically just had to ask him about his story and that the rest would just flow easily, but I realized that in order to make something the viewers could connect to, I had to dig a little deeper and find another story than the one of “Corey Shapiro, CEO of the Vintage Frames Company”. That’s why I went for the father and son one.  Anyway, feedback, as always, is more than welcome!




  1. videoliteracy

    Really slick production value Schael. Nice b-roll and really good continuity. Overall, very “pro” product. In that capacity, I would make two small suggestions. One: bump the interview audio up a few db, and Two: the last sound bite seems to contradict the rest. He says throughout the video, that he lives his art and that there is no separation between his work and his life, then at the end he says, when they come to work they leave the outside world outside. The last sound bit is the most important one. See if you’ve got a more general statement there. Very slick work!

    • schaeldm

      The audio is pretty bad in this piece, I tried boosting it, but the background noise just got louder with it…playing around with the denoiser setting might give a better result. About the last soundbite, I used this one because of the repetition of the opening sentence “I’m a father, I’m a husband, I’m a friend…” and also like that it reconnect with the company (what he is mostly known for)…Maybe I can go through my transcript and see if I can find something I could pair with the same beginning to preserve my book end.

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