Fine cut

Here’s another cut for my two minutes narrative. In trying to concise my original script , I realized that my story lost some of it’s core element in order to work continuously speaking. These things could be fixed just by adding a few shots that I couldn’t get last night as the sun wasn’t down to shoot (golden hour cut by more than half on my location because of clouds). I will get those over the weekend. In terms of audio, I did all my foley audio and it works on that side, but the score needs a few tweaks in order to be more smooth and better pacing/rhythm. Also, my tittle changed from Insidiae to “White Elephant”, which could sound random at first, but is all about that idea of the camera he finds being a poisoned chalice. This would have been a title t considerate, but I didn’t want it to “give” out the whole “twist”, instead, i went for something more mysterious, but that still made sense. Here’s a wikipedia post explaining why:

So, as a recap, I need to add a few shots to stay true to my original script and still make it fit two minutes, re-shoot some of my shots in order to get that flary golden hour sweetness over the whole thing (sun was hidden by clouds at towards the end of our shoot)


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